This carte de visite portrait features a handsome well dressed gentleman with a carefully manicured beard and mustache. The photographer of this cdv photo is Rudolf Krziwanek (1843-1905). He operated a photographic studio in Vienna, Austria between 1870 and 1905. He also ran a summer studio in Ischl (Austria) between 1879 and 1900. He took portraits of the Hapsburg Court. His photographs are part of the collections in the J. Paul Getty Museum, the National Portrait Gallery (UK), and the New York Public Library. At this point in time, there are three of Krziwanek’s photos in the Cabinet Card Gallery. Krziwanek was also an inventor. In 1905, he received a patent for a device which was used in an “air gas system”. He committed suicide that same year. Print on the reverse of the photograph states that the studio was next to the Cafe Weghuber, a popular coffeehouse. The establishment was in business between 1806 and 1865. It was founded as Cafe Eichhorn and renamed Cafe Weghuber in about 1840. Later, a park was built in front of the cafe and it became a venue for concerts and large parties. Since the Cafe Weghuber went bankrupt in 1865, it is safe to say that this photo was taken before 1865. This carte de visite photograph has excellent clarity and is in excellent condition (see scans).

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