A handsome young man poses for his portrait at an unknown studio. He is in uniform, but what kind of uniform is he wearing? Is he in the military? I don’t think so. There are no patches indicating rank; nor are there any other insignias revealing a military identity. However, there is the matter of the medal that he is wearing on the flap of his shirt pocket. It certainly looks military to me. Then again, he is wearing a bow tie which argues against his uniform being military issued. The clothing that he is wearing seems appropriate for someone who is spending time in a jungle or heavily wooded environment. His soft hat and the accessory that he is wearing above his shoes may be worn in such a setting. The tied wraps around the bottom of his pant’s legs are something that I have seen worn by bicyclists of this era. Its purpose was to keep one’s pant’s legs from becoming entangled in the spokes of the bicycle wheels and causing a nasty spill. Does the gentleman in this photograph use a bicycle in his work? If so, where is the bike? I have lots of questions, and unfortunately, no answers. I need some help on this one. Hopefully a Cabinet Card Gallery visitor will be able to provide more information about this photo. Guesses are welcome too. The AZO stamp box on the reverse of this postcard indicates that the card was published sometime between 1904 and 1918. This vintage photograph has excellent clarity and is in good condition (see scans).

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Buy this Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes International shipping outside the US) 3477

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  1. The leggings are possibly snake chaps. He appears to be a forester of some kind, or ranger, but the badge is not national parks or US forest service.

    • I looked for vintage snake chaps online and they look exactly like what the subject is wearing in this photo. Thanks for sharing your observation. .

  2. Looks like WWI vintage, and could be in Cuba? The bit that looks like a medal could be just a name plate, while I think the bow tie was added to make the photo special.

  3. A viewer of this real photo postcard left the following comment on another site.

    “This photo appears to be a pre-WWI National Guard / State Militia soldier who has added the flair of his ‘personalized’ campaign hat and a bow tie for his portrait. His shirt, breeches and field shoes appear to be issue and the leggings are the pattern 1910 style. The medal most likely from summer camp / manuevers. Hope this helps – Katie”

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