This vintage real photo postcard features Romanian born film actress, Elizza La Porta (1902-1997). She appeared in a number of German silent films between 1926 and 1930. The IMDb credits he with 19 film appearances. Some of her films had racy titles. She performed in “The Bordellos of Algiers” (1927), as well as “The Vice of Humanity” (1927). La Porta also appeared in a social commentary type film entitled “The Right of the Unborn” (1929). This silent film dealt with the issue of abortion and took a generally anti-abortion stance. La Porta retired from the film business with the advent of sound film. This vintage postcard was published in 1927 by Ross Verlag (Berlin, Germany). The card is part of a series (no.1694/1). The front of the postcard includes a logo advertising Sokal Films. Harry Sokal (1898-1979) was Romanian born and became a German film producer. He produced 22 films between 1926 and 1977. This portrait of Elizza La Porta was taken when she appeared in Sokal’s film, “The Student of Prague” (1926). This postcard is in very good condition (see scans). 


Buy this original Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes shipping within the US) #3586

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Buy this Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes International shipping outside the US) 3586

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  1. Beautiful.

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