This is an artist signed vintage postcard entitled “Consuelo”. The artist is W. Haskell Coffin (1878-1941). He was a painter and commercial artist popular in the early decades of the twentieth century. His work can be found on leading magazine covers as well as on posters commissioned by the US government. He specialized in painting images of women. He was one of the highest paid illustrators of his time. He had two marriages. His second wife was actress, Frances Starr. While being treated for depression at a Florida facility, Coffin committed suicide by jumping out a window. This artist signed postcard was made to advertise a Bristol Myer pharmaceutical product. The product was Ziratol, “a practically odorless antiseptic and germicide for office or home”.This advertising postcard was mailed to a doctor in Springfield, Massachusetts. The postcard was postmarked in Brooklyn, New York. SOLD


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