This vintage risque real photo postcard features a pretty young dancer at the Bal Tabarin cabaret. She may be a can can dancer, which is a dance that was known to be performed there. The venue was located in Paris, France. The club was opened in 1904 by Auguste Bosc, a composer and orchestra leader. The Bal Tabarin became very popular immediately after it’s opening. During the occupation of France in World War II, the club was frequently visited by German officers. Florence Warren, a South African dancer, performed there. The Germans did not realize that Warren was Jewish but she was interned as an enemy alien for several months. Upon her release, she returned to the club and partnered with Frederic Acar to become a favorite dance duo. She appeared on stage with successful performers, including Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier. Warren also kept busy aiding the French Resisance. After the war, the owners of the Moulin Rouge took over the cabaret and finally closed it in 1953.  The young dancer seen in this photo postcard was photographed by Jean Agelou (1878-1921). Agelou was a French photographer of the 1910’s and 1920’s who is best known for his erotic and nude photographs. He was born in Egypt and not much is known about his private life. Agelou generally used models between the age of 20 and 24 years-old. Although the 1900’s was the “golden age” of erotic photograph, photographers who took such risque photos had to use discretion. As a result, Agelou signed his work “JA”. In 1908, nudity in photographs was banned in France and photographers had to cover nude women images with strategically placed undergarments or other materials. Nude images had to circulate on the down low. They were sent in the mail inside of envelopes. Jean Agelou died in 1921; the result of a car accident. (SOLD)

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