The subject of this photograph is a very pretty woman, stylishly dressed and wearing a flowered hat at the photographic studio of A. M. Turnquist, located in either Hibbing or Eveleth, Minnesota. The woman appears quite natural and relaxed as she sits at a table with a potted plant in the background. What are those papers that she is holding? Is it possibly a script for a play, a magazine, or divorce documents? The answer is lost to time. A. M. Turnquist is more specifically, Axel M. Turnquist who was born in Sweden, and trained in photography in Duluth, Minnesota. He operated photographic studios in many Minnesota towns including Tower, Virginia, Eveleth, Hibbing, and Aurora. He worked as a photographer form the 1880’s through 1923. To view other photographs by Turnquist, click on category “Photographer: Turnquist”.   (SOLD)


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