A lovely African American woman poses for her portrait as she sits in a wicker chair. She is wearing a long coat and a white hat. She is wearing a ring on the middle finger of her right hand. She does not look particularly comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, she looks a bit apprehensive or afraid. The photographer and the location of the studio are unknown. The woman’s name is written on the reverse of the postcard.  Research found too many women named “Eva Withers” which prohibited positive identification of the woman in this photo. Therefore, biographical information about Miss/Mrs Withers is unobtainable. This vintage real photo postcard has an “AZO” stamp box which indicates it was produced between 1918 and 1930.


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  1. Rather than “afraid” or “apprehensive”, if you focus in on the eyes of this lovely woman, you can see that the hat slightly obscures lowered brows, that actually lend her entire facial aspect a quality of of confidence and calm. – Note her other body language: the crossing of her legs in an also relaxed – and certainly unconventional for the time, e.g., not formal position. Her hands also reveal a confident, relaxed message. There is no gripping of the chair, and the other hand is naturally folded on her lap. There’s a look of self-possession and even resolution, if you ask me. She is very unique-seeming… Per locating the right Eva Withers, you might note the unusual high and multiple ornamental spiraling in the “E” in her first name. (This may denote celebrity of some sort. – or a surefire ego!) Also, the unusually high rise of the open part of the “H” in Withers. The “T” is also “slashed”above and over the “T” and through the “H”, forming a sort of cross-like image. – An indication of religiousity.

    A very tall formation of a lower caste (meaning not a capitalized letter e.g. t versus T) letter in most instances indicates an unusually religious person. – Perhaps someone professionally known for her spiritual pursuits. Probably Christian Evangelist considering the likely time frame. — You really might want to see if you can investigate and whittle down your list of “Eva Wither’s” to one well-known her religious calling, – or, it could just be a lovely young lady who really loved God. Who knows? Thanks for the wonderful image, Cabinet Card. You keep your fans on their toes.

  2. This woman does not look happy to me at all. I do not get a sense of well being here at all. Maybe someone has more information.

  3. The woman named Eva Withers looks exactly like my dad. My dad named me after my grandmother Eva Withers. I’ve never seen a picture of her nor have family my age see her. Apparently my grandfather raised my dad. Where was this picture located? Any information would help.ive been searching for over 30 years.
    Eva Withers

    • I am ecstatic that you found this photograph of Eva Withers and that she is likely your grandmother. I wish I had more information to provide you. I do not remember where I found this image. If you haven’t already, check out ancestry.com. If you have your grandfather’s name and your dad’s name, you should be able to gain additional information. Good luck in your search. If you have more information about the Eva Withers in this photo, It would be wonderful if you can report more about her. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

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