“The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (1903) has a short article about Miss Fyfe Alexander. The magazines theater critic writes about her after seeing her perform in J M Barrie’s comedy “Little Mary”. The writer describes Alexander as “a pretty and charming young actress” and “she has the good qualities that go towards the making of a good actress, and is likely to take a prominent place in her profession”. She was not yet twenty years old at the time of this review. The article also reveals that Alexander was from a theatrical family and that she made her stage debut in 1901. The message on this postcard is interesting. The writer states that “Oh! How the tears did come” when she read a book entitled “The Blunders of a Bashful Man” (1881). This postcard was published by Rapid Photo and Miss Alexander’s photo was taken by female photographer, Lizzie Caswall Smith. The card was postmarked in 1906.  (SOLD)


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  1. The book has been re-published by Barnes & Noble.
    Leatherhead is a town in England having nothing to do with leather but originally meant it was beside a public ford. Computers are so handy , they know everything.

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