A pretty young woman poses for her carte de visite portrait at the Charles S. Rawson Gallery on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York. I would estimate that the subject is in her teenage years. Her sparkling eyes and smile give her a very engaging appearance. The photographer, Charles S. Rawson is listed in Brooklyn business directories in at least !870 through 1892. This cdv is in very good condition (see scans)

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This private real photo postcard features a handsome man and two women holding walking sticks. The studio backdrop shows mountains which fits the idea that this adventurous group is planning, or a least feigning, that they are about to go for a hike. Note the contrast between the two women in this photograph. The woman wearing the dark dress is gazing downward and her eyes are only half open. She seems shy and withdrawn. In comparison, the young woman in the white skirt is looking at the camera with confidence. She is gazing upward and not camera-shy. Printing on the reverse of this postcard provides information about the photographer. I have difficulty interpreting the information. I do not know the exact meaning of  “Hotphotograph Fritz”. I assume that the phrase “Hotphotograph Fritz” is the name of the studio. The photo studio was located in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Bad Reichenhall is a “spa town” in Upper Bavaria, Germany and is located near Salzburg. The town in encircled by the Chiemgau Alps. This photo postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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An older Jewish couple are featured in this vintage real photo postcard. An ink caption on the bottom front of the postcard states “Debreczen, Hungary, October, 1927).The couple are well dressed. The woman is wearing a double chained locket and the man is wearing a shirt with a wing tipped collar, a tie, and a yarmulke (kippah). A yarmulke is a jewish traditional head covering worn by most Jews in synagogue and worn by Orthodox Jews all the time. The photographer of this photo is Liener Bela, who operated a studio in Debreczen, the second largest city in Hungary (Budapest is the largest city). One can only hope that this Jewish couple left Europe before the Holocaust. In the first few decades of the 1900’s, Jews made up 5% of the Hungarian population. They had managed to achieve great commercial and professional success. In fact, their success was disproportionate to their numbers in the general population. Their accomplishments fostered resentment and the 1920’s were stained with much anti-semitism in Hungary. By 1920, Jewish enrollment in Hungarian universities were restricted by a quota.  Admiral Horthy, the Regent of Hungary, was a self-proclaimed “anti-Semite”. Repressive anti Jewish policies were adapted and fascist groups flourished. Hopefully, this lovely couple survived. This vintage postcard is in very good condition (see scans).



This press photo was taken in 1939 and it captures Italian film star, Isa Miranda taking an oath of allegiance and receiving her U.S. citizenship papers. Paramount studios had brought the actress to Hollywood just two years before. The caption for this photograph states that during the short stint that she lived in the United States, she had become “completely Americanized”. The photograph shows Miss Miranda, her husband (Alfred Guarini) and the government clerk. Guarini (1901-1981) was an Italian screenwriter, film producer and director. Alfred Guarini was active in show business between 1935 and 1963. He is noted for his management of Isa Miranda’s career both before, and after their marriage. In the mid 1930’s, he encouraged her to work in a variety of different countries for the purpose of making her an international star. Isa Miranda (1909-1982) was born in Milan, Italy. She worked as a typist as she studied to be a stage actress at the “Accademia dei Filodrammatici” in Milan. She began her film career playing bit parts in Italian films. She achieved great success after appearing in the film “Everybody’s Woman” (1934). The film launched her career and she was given a contract with Paramount Pictures which billed her as the “Italian Marlene Dietrich”. She played several “femme fatale” roles for Paramount. After the outbreak of World War II, she returned to Italy where she acted on stage and in film. Her performance in “The Walls of Malapaga” (1949) earned her an award at the Cannes film festival. This press photo is from the Los Angeles bureau of the Illustrated Daily News and belonged to Acme News, located in New York City. In the 1960’s she began a television career in England. The IMDb credits Miss Miranda with appearing in 95 films between 1933 and 1978. This 9 x 7 photograph is in good condition. Note that there is slight corner wear and a small blemish on the bottom right hand corner of the photo. (See scans)

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This vintage real photo postcard features American stage actress, Grace George (1879-1961). She appeared on the Broadway stage, as well as in two films. She entertained Broadway audiences for more than fifty years. The Internet Broadway Data Base credits her with appearing in 49 Broadway shows between 1898 and 1952. George was noted for her style of “high comedy”. Grace George was a manager, director, and adapter, in addition to being an actress. George was born in New York City. She was educated at the Convent of Notre Dame in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Her next stop was the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where upon graduation, she appeared in traveling productions for four years. She then began her long string of playing to audiences on Broadway.  She was married (1899) to producer and sports promoter, William A. Brady. She starred in the immensely successful Broadway adaptation of “Ben Hur” (1899). She appeared in the silent film, “Tainted Money” (1915). She also had a role in the film, “Johnny Come Lately” (1943) with James Cagney. In 1950 she received the Delia Austrian Medal, recognizing her as a distinguished performer. Miss George appeared in two plays by George Bernard Shaw. In a review that appeared in the New York Times, Alexander Wollcott wrote; “The life of the party is, of course, Miss George herself, playing with her accustomed vivacity, charm, and precision”. This postcard was published by Souvenir Post Card Co. and printed in Germany. The Souvenir Post Card Company  existed between 1905 and 1914. It was located at 268 Canal Street in New York City. The company was purchased by Valentine & Sons and the combined company became Valentine – Souvenir.

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This vintage photograph features a shoeshine man and his polish and rags. The wide eyed shoeblack is wearing a neck scarf and a hat. He is posed sitting in a wicker chair with his polish kit beside him. Note that that the shoeshine man’s boots are not particularly well-polished. The photographer’s name and location are unidentified. An early vintage portrait of a shoeshine man is a rare find. In fact, this is the first such image that I have seen.

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Finding vintage real photo postcards that feature wedding couples is not all that challenging. However, this particular photo postcard is exceptionally special. First of all, the wedding portrait is gorgeous. The bride looks absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown and veil. The bride holds a giant bouquet of flowers. She shows great poise. The handsome groom is dressed to the nines in his tuxedo and top hat. The second factor that distinguishes this photograph is that there is some known history attached to it. The postcard is from an album belonging to a Jewish family in Romania. The front of the postcard is embossed with the name and location of the studio that took this photo. The studio was located in Bucharest, Romania. The name of the photographer is difficult to decipher. I believe that this postcard is from the 1920’s. This vintage real photo postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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This vintage real photo postcard features two riders on horseback. Who are these cowboys? They may be cowpokes, ranch hands, or prospectors. They are equipped with some tools of their trade. One rider has a shovel and a rope, while the other cowboy has a rope and an unidentifiable tool.  The men are riding in the brush. This is not a studio photograph. These wranglers appear to be the real thing. The velox stamp box on this postcard indicates that this photo was taken sometime between 1907 and 1917.

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This cabinet card portrait features a mother and her young daughter. The mother is wearing a dark dress while the daughter is dressed in white; creating a nice contrast in this family photograph. This photo was taken at Sargent Brothers studio in Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff is a port city on the coast of South Wales. I found another cabinet card image at an internet site that reveals that the Sargent Brothers also had studios in the cities of Bristol, Newport, and Penarth.

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This cabinet card has seen better days. It is quite faded and appears to have been trimmed. The young woman in this photograph poses with a bicycle for an unknown photographer. The subject of this cabinet card image is identified by an inscription on the reverse of the photo. The young lady in the photograph is Miss Mattie Loveday. Preliminary research yielded a disappointingly small amount of information. Here is what we know. The 1900 US census reveals that Miss Loveday was born in 1883 and was a student living in Washington D.C.. She lived with her father (James P. Loveday) and mother (Florence D. Loveday). Also in the home was a 20 year old brother (Arthur), 11 year old sister (Annie), and 7 year old brother (Leo). Her father and older brother both worked as clerks. The brother was also a soldier. Mattie was 17 years old at the time of the 1900 census and it is my guess that this photograph was taken close to that year.


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