This vintage real photo postcard features a uniformed World War I soldier holding a piglet in his arms. The soldier’s smile makes me nervous. Does he have some culinary plans for this cute pigling? The soldier has two observers. A mustachioed military man stands behind him and a woman is peering through a doorway at the soldier with the pig. The piglet carrier is wearing a pin on his lapel. Is he an officer? What country does he represent? My guess is that he is a member of the Austro-Hungarian military. It is just my best guess based on insufficient research. This postcard is in good condition (see scans).

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jugo3 POSTCARD 2


Jenny Jugo (1904-2001) was an Austrian actress. Her IMDb filmography reveals that she appeared in fifty-three films between 1925 and 1950. Jenny, as is evident in this vintage real photo postcard, was very beautiful. She was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Her father owned a factory. She received her education in a convent. At age sixteen, she married actor Emo Jugo and the pair settled in Berlin, Germany. Their marriage was of short duration (1921-1922). She gave up her husband but not his last name. The German film studio, UFA, signed her to a contract in 1924. She struggled in the dramatic roles that she was given. By the end of the silent era, she was successful in comedies and specialized in that genre through the 1930’s. She often played perky, confident characters. She was often directed by Erich Engel. In 1935, Jugo played Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion. Writer, George Bernard Shaw was so happy with her performance that he invited her to act in all of his plays on the English stage. She made films during the Nazi regime until 1943, when she returned to her Bavarian home. She was in a relationship with film producer Eberhard Klagmann who worked on her final three post-war films. In 1950, she married actor and former co-star, Friedrich Benfer. She retired from acting at age forty-six. She was given a lifetime achievement award for her outstanding contribution to German cinema. The IMDb biography of Jugo describes her as a “lively brunet, dimple-cheeked actress with a tom-boyish, unaffected manner”. The writer of the biography contends that Jenny Jugo flirted with stardom but did not achieve it. This assessment may be too harsh. To view Jenny Jugo acting in a 1931 film, watch the youtube video below.

Postcard 1 was published by Ross Verlag and is part of the Luxusklasse series (no. 614).It is easily identifiable by the gold emblem on the reverse of the card.The postcard is larger than regular sized postcards. This vintage postcard measures about 4″ x 5 3/4″ and is in very good condition.   (SOLD)

 Postcard 2 features Miss Jugo in a risque pose. She is wearing what appears to be skimpy lingerie. Her pose and facial expression projects a “come hither” message. This vintage postcard was published by Iris Verlag as part of series (no. 5383). The photographer of this portrait is Erich Engel of Berlin, Germany. There was also a German film and theatre director named Erich Engel (1891 –1966) . As stated above, Engel directed Jugo many times. Engel is listed on the postcard for either being the photographer, or possibly the director of the film she was working on at the time. The reverse of this post card indicates that it once resided in an album. The card is in very good condition (see scans).

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 Max Hansen & Jenny Jugo “Who Takes Love Seriously? (1931)”


jugo3 3POSTCARD 2


This cabinet card provides a portrait of a handsome uniformed Austro-Hungarian soldier. He is posing at the Rudolf Denk studio in Vienna, Austria. Note his high boots, sabre, and wrist watch. The soldier is wearing a couple of medals on his chest. His cap is on the table beside him. He is wearing a whistle which can be seen between his two breast pockets. The soldier is holding an open book. It is likely that this young man saw military action. World War I was not many years away from the time that he sat for this photograph.

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