A young man wearing a Salvation Army uniform poses for his portrait at the Cottage Gallery in Marshalltown, Iowa. The photographer is named Beverage. The uniform is well decorated with Salvation Army identification. He is wearing a badge on his jacket, S’s on his collars,a badge on his hat, and lettering stating Salvation Army on a band around his hat. An inscription on the reverse of the cabinet card states that the subject’s name is “Charlie Phillips” and that he is the brother of the writer’s mother, “Uncle Charlie”. The 1890 Iowa census reveals that a Charlie Phillips, born in Marshalltown, was living in Lake Creek, Iowa. This eighteen year old young man, may be the subject of this photograph. The 1900 United States census reports that Maurice C. Beverage was born in 1841 in the state of Maine and was living with his 20 year old daughter in Marshalltown. He was of Scottish and French Canadian descent. The census listed his occupation as a photographer. Beverage began his photography career in Oconto, Wisconsin. In 1871 he was married to Hattie Crum and they had four children. The Oconto shop was at the corner of Maine and Section Streets. He worked in Oconto between 1869 and 1876. he then moved to Marshalltown where he opened the Beverage Cottage Gallery. He had partnerships there with Benjamin Jarvis and S. E. Jessup. In 1931, Beverage’s obituary appeared in the Times Republican, a Marshalltown newspaper. The obituary states that Beverage lived in Canada from infancy to age 15, when he went to Michigan, and then Oconto where he learned photography. He ran the Cottage Gallery from 1876 until 1912. His son Herbert Morris Beveridge was a photographer in Butte, Montana in 1900. The Cabinet Card Gallery has a large collection of Salvation Army  cabinet cards. To view these photographs, click on the category “Salvation Army”.