chicago musician This cabinet card features stage actress Nanette Nixon. She is wearing a flower pattern dress with a lace collar. Nixon’s photograph appeared in The Sunday Telegraph (1898) and the text describes her as “soulful and able as an actress”. The brief article reports that theatre goers in New York were looking forward to her upcoming appearances there. Interestingly, the photograph in the Telegraph was taken by the same photographer who produced the photograph appearing on this cabinet card. The photographer of this image is William Mckenzie Morrison whose studio was located in the Haymarket  Theatre building in Chicago, Illinois. Morrison was a well known and successful  celebrity photographer. The reverse of the photograph is illustrated with medals from the Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893), Photographers Association of America (1894), The Cotton States and International Exposition (1895), and various other competitions. To view other photographs by Morrison, click on the category “Photographer: Morrison”.


This photograph features a bride and groom on their wedding day. The bride is wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and has a flower bouquet on her lap. The handsome groom is wearing a corsage and has a small pocket watch hanging near the top of his vest. Judging by their fashionable wedding attire, this couple appears to be well-to-do. The wedding portrait photogrrapher was Friesleben of 3932 State Street, in Chicago, Illinois. Louis W. Friesleben is listed by one source as operating his photographic studio from the State Street address between 1887 and 1900. An 1893 portrait taken by Friesleben of Plains Indians, who were part of an exhibit at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago,  is part of the collection of photographs that can be seen in the online National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.