This Cabinet Card is an image of two very interestingly dressed young women. Are they going to a costume party or are they just making a fashion statement? Madame Butterfly has butterflies affixed all over herself. She has butterflies atop her head, as well as on her chest, skirt and shoes. Is that a butterfly purse she is holding? The second woman is wearing gloves and holding a cane. She also has an interesting rope belt and an unusual necklace and hat. The photographer of the cabinet card is likely the Baker Art Gallery located on the corner of State and High Streets in Columbus, Ohio. The studio was founded by Lorenzo Marvin Baker who began working as a photographer in the early 1860’s and established the Baker Art Gallery in 1886. Four generations of the family ran the gallery until 1955. Many of their photographs and materials are now held by the Ohio Historical Society. To view other photographs by Baker, click on the category “Photographer: Baker Art Gallery”.




What is the story behind this interesting photograph? We see a very cute young girl posing for her portrait in an unusual costume? She is holding some sort of “stick” in her hand. Is it a riding crop? Is she wearing riding attire from her time period (turn of the century)? Please leave a comment with any ideas you may have about her clothing or the “stick” she is holding. The photographer is Perrtz of York, Pennsylvania. To view other photographs by Perrtz, click on the category “Photographer: Perrtz”.

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