This cabinet card portrait is particularly interesting because the young man in the photograph is wearing an interesting pair of glasses. The style of glasses that he is wearing is called “Pince-nez”. These glasses do not have earpieces but instead are supported by pinching the wearers nose. If the young man’s glasses had earpieces, it would look very similar to the glasses worn today. The gentleman in this photo is well coiffed. His handlebar mustache is perfect. He looks very studious. This cabinet card was produced by the Snyder studio in Topeka, Kansas. Charles J Snyder (1855-1925) was born of German parents in Kentucky. He married Laura Hooven Snyder in 1877. He is listed in the 1880 US Census as a photographer as well as in the 1921 Topeka Directory. Take note below of the verso of this cabinet card. If the reverse of a cabinet card can be beautiful, this backing is beautiful. It is also an unusual cabinet card verso design. It looks like the back of a playing card.  (SOLD)

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This Cabinet Card is an image of a fashionable woman. She clearly decided to wear one of her finest dresses and her favorite hat for her photograph session at the Art Studio of R. S. Schuyler, in Oxford, Michigan. The woman is wearing wire rim glasses and one glove. She is holding the second glove in her gloved hand. She is also holding something else in the gloved hand. Hopefully, a visitor to the Cabinet Card Gallery, will be able to identify the article she is holding along with the glove. Why is she wearing just one glove? Perhaps, she wants the photograph to show the ring that she is wearing on the middle finger of her ungloved hand.

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