This cabinet card is a portrait of a middle aged man with a wonderful mustache and beard. The Cabinet Card Gallery has a collection of interesting facial hair cabinet cards which can be visited by clicking on the categories of “Beards (Only the Best)”  and “Mustaches (Only the Best)”. The photographer of this image is Louis Bergman, whose studio was located at 56 & 58 Market Street, in Louisville, Kentucky. Perusal of Louisville business directories reveals that Bergman began business with a partner. Bergman & Flexner; the firm was listed in the 1868 and 1869 directories. He was reported to be the sole proprietor of a studio from 1872 until 1886. Bergman was listed at a number of different addresses over these years. Using these addresses, it appears that this particular photograph was taken between 1873 and 1881. From 1886 through 1894 the proprietor of the studio became Caroline Bergman. The Photographic Times and American Photographer (1883) reported that Bergman was Vice President of the Photographers Mutual Benefit Society of Louisville. Louis Bergman (c1838-?) was born in Hanover, Germany to Prussian parents. His wife, Carrie (!845-?) was born in Louisiana to German parents. The couple married  in about 1865. The Bergman’s had a daughter, Lillie, who was 12 years-old at the time of the 1880 census. The census listed Louis as a photographer and Carrie as a homemaker. It is interesting to note that when the couples daughter reached 18 years of age, Carrie became the studio’s proprietor/photographer.




This cabinet card presents a portrait of a middle aged man with a beard that is reminiscent of a beard that is normally found on a billy goat. The gentleman manages to maintain a distinguished appearance despite his unusual facial hair. The name and location of the photographer responsible for this image, is unknown. To view other notable beards, click on the category “Beards (Only the Best)”.


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This photograph features a gentleman of Asian appearance posing in the studio of Jarvis White, in Davenport, Iowa. The subject may not actually be of Asian descent; the hypothesis is certainly debatable. The gentleman has a fantastic and well tended mustache and beard. The photograph has remarkable clarity. The reverse of the photo has a pencilled inscription of a woman’s first name (Grace) and an illegible last name. The card is also dated November, 1898. To view other images of interesting facial hair, click on this site’s categories of Beards: (Only the Best) and Mustaches (Only the Best). The photographer of this image established his photographic studio in 1874 and was the successor to Hastings, White & Fisher, of 320 Brady Street, in Davenport, Iowa.


A gentleman poses for this cabinet card portrait at the studio of the Broadbent Brothers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The man has formidable bushy sideburns. The reverse of the cabinet card identifies the subject as John R. Elliot and indicates the photograph was taken in 1886. The Broadbent Brothers were the sons of prominent daguerreotype photographer,  Samuel Broadbent. The elder Broadbent was in partners with W. Curtis Taylor in the photography business. Samuel Broadbent died in 1880 and Taylor then partnered with Sam’s sons until they bought out the business in 1884. To see other photographs of interesting facial hair, click on this site’s category of “Beards (Only the Best)” or “Mustaches (Only the Best)”.


This gentleman has earned a place in the Cabinet Card Gallery’s “Beards (Only the Best)” category. His long scraggly beard is a masterpiece of facial hair design. No identifying information is available concerning the subject or the photographer associated with this photograph. To see other wonderful images of men with beards, click on the Beards category.

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