This vintage real photo postcard features what appears to be part of an extended family. Notably, there is one child and one young woman in the photograph, while the remainder of the subjects are elderly. Where are the younger members of this family? The seated man is holding a long cane. The gentleman standing on the wall has remarkably long sideburns. This vintage postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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This Cabinet Card portrait features a rather rotund gentleman with very impressive and well groomed sideburns. The subject is very well dressed a sporting a pocket watch with a large linked chain. The photographer was Carl M. Olson of Goteborg, Sweden. Goteborg is the second largest city in Sweden. The gentleman in this photograph is likely O. W. Lundquist. The name is handwritten on the reverse of this image. The photograph was taken sometime during or after 1897. This fact can be established because the reverse of the card indicates that the photographer won a photography award in Stockholm, sometime during 1897.

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A gentleman poses for this cabinet card portrait at the studio of the Broadbent Brothers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The man has formidable bushy sideburns. The reverse of the cabinet card identifies the subject as John R. Elliot and indicates the photograph was taken in 1886. The Broadbent Brothers were the sons of prominent daguerreotype photographer,  Samuel Broadbent. The elder Broadbent was in partners with W. Curtis Taylor in the photography business. Samuel Broadbent died in 1880 and Taylor then partnered with Sam’s sons until they bought out the business in 1884. To see other photographs of interesting facial hair, click on this site’s category of “Beards (Only the Best)” or “Mustaches (Only the Best)”.