moroccp 1 A pretty young topless woman sits in deep thought. She is holding a tambourine. Her facial tatoos, headdress and jewelry reflect her Moroccan culture. Some viewers of this postcard believe that the woman is a prostitute. It is likely that these observers are correct. Her nudity and the popularity in Europe of photo portraits of prostitutes in less developed countries, provides supporting evidence that she is indeed a sex worker.  This is an ethnographic postcard. Buying or sending a risque photo postcards was more acceptable if the card provided a look at a people from different cultures. This postcard is part of a series (no. 92). The photo was taken by Marcelin Flandrin (1889-1957). Flandrin moved to Morocco in 1901 and volunteered for the military in 1912. He served as an Army photographer. Around this time, Morocco came under French rule. He corroborated with the French government and tourist boards. He was very involved with the French Protectorate government. Flandrin was criticized by some Moroccans for reinforcing “Orientalist” stereotypes . During the Rif War (Spain vs. Berber tribes), he published a number of reports. During World War I he served in the Air Force as an air observer, taking aerial photos of fighting. After the war he moved to Casablanca and went to work taking many photographs between 1921 and 1930. He published many photo books about Morocco. Flandrin was also an important postcard publisher in Morocco. The Cabinet Card Gallery blog includes another postcard by Flandrin. This photo postcard captures a group of prostitutes in Casablanca (Morocco). You can view this postcard by placing the name “Flandrin” in the search box. The postcard above, is in  very good condition (see scans).

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