hair in bun 2

hair in bun

This photograph features a pretty woman wearing a very fancy white lace dress. Hopefully, some of the cabinet card visitors with fashion interest and expertise will make some informative comments about this fashionable woman’s attire. The woman’s hairstyle is interesting. She is wearing her hair up and its in a puffy, but neat, pile. This photograph was produced by the Wilkins studio in Freeport, Illinois. Charles E. Wilkins was born in 1859 in Red Wing, Minnesota. He lived in Freeport for forty-two years and operated his photography studio there for twenty-five years. His studio was located at 123 Stephenson Street for an unknown number of years. He retired about 15 years before his death.  At age seventy-two he took up golf and “played a remarkable game” according to his obituary which appeared in the Freeport Journal Standard (1940). SOLD

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This photograph features an older African American gentleman. He is nicely dressed in fancy clothing. Note his long coat. The gentleman appears to be displaying a friendly half smile. He has one hand on his hip; surely, he was told to pose in that manner. The reason for such instruction is not clear. The photographic studio that produced this image is Shadle & Busser of York, Pennsylvania. James Monroe Shadle was born in 1861 in Freeport, Pennsylvania. Oscar W. Busser died of Brights Disease at age 61, in 1921. The studio that bared their names was located at 20 South George Street (1887-1902), 44 South George Street (1903-1925), and 58 South Beaver Street (1925-1936). All of these locations were in York. To view other early photographs of African Americans, click on the category of “African Americans”.