Lowry’s Art Place was the location that the distinguished looking man in this cabinet card portrait had this picture taken. The gentleman pictured is well dressed and well groomed. Though he was likely a resident of a western town, he appears to have made his living with his brain rather than his brawn. Perhaps he is a lawyer or a physician. The photographer of this image is H. J. Lowry, who according to the advertising on the reverse of this cabinet card, had studios in both Bozeman and Helena, Montana. Howard J Lowry is listed in the Helena Business Directories of 1889 through at least 1892 as a “portrait artist” (photographer) and as a teacher of drawing and painting at Helena Business College.  (SOLD)

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This image features a pretty woman photographed in Butte, Montana, at the studio of a photographer named Dusseau. The woman is wearing a lace collar and has a ribbon tie. She is also wearing a lovely piece of jewelry over the tie. Research found some information about photographer A. J. Dusseau. His first name was listed as “Angelo” in some sources and  as “Alrick” in other sources. Perhaps one of these names is incorrect, or possibly Mr. Dusseau used both names during his lifetime. Dusseau was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1842. He worked as a carpenter for a railroad in Wisconsin and in 1865 he was employed as an assistant engineer on a steamer in Missouri. He then moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. In 1869 he moved to Helena, Montana, where he worked as a musician for five years. In 1874 he relocated to Deer Lodge, Montana, and opened a photographic gallery which he moved to Butte in 1877. While living in Butte, he led the Silver Coronet Band and Orchestra for three years.In 1881 he married Amanda Henault of Missouri.  He operated a studio in Montana through the 1880’s and 1890’s. His Butte studio was located above the post office on the corner of Main and Granite Streets. After Butte, he ran studios in Helena, Havre, and Fort Assinaboine.  At times he worked with partners. One of these partners was named Thompson and they began working together in 1902. It is interesting to note that Montana did not become a state until 1889. Dusseau was truly a pioneer photographer in the “Big Sky State”. Judging by Dusseau’s varied job history, he must have had a thirst for adventure. To view other images by Dusseau, click on the category “Photographer: Dusseau.

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