A sad child poses for a portrait at the studio of J. S. Fritz, in Reading, Pennsylvania. The frowning child is standing on a bench and wearing a fancy outfit. Note the large bow and the unattractive hat. The name of the child, “Jemil Arman”,  is penciled on the reverse of the cabinet card. Research yielded no information about Jemil Arman or photographer, J. S. Fritz. It is possible that a legibility problem may have resulted in an incorrect interpretation of the subject’s name.  ADDENDUM  Additional research resulted in discovering information about photographer, John S. Fritz. He was born on his father’s Pennsylvania farm in 1861. He left home at 15 to work in Philadelphia and while there, learned photography. He then worked with his brother in law as a traveling photographer. He left the business to pursue other occupations and he worked in both Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. He returned to photography and at some point operated a photography studio located at 852 Penn Street in Reading. He was married to Elizabeth Apffel  and had at least three children. (SOLD)

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FRITZ GIRL_0008An adorable little girl poses for her portrait at the studio of J. S. Fritz in Reading, Pennsylvania. Something is drastically wrong with this picture. The yellow ribbon is supposed to be tied around the old oak tree, not the girl’s waist and arms. Pardon my anachronism. The child in this photograph was likely told not to smile and she complied with the request. However, she is displaying an “all knowing” look. She is well dressed and wearing earrings and a cross. Note the unusual burgundy color of this cabinet card. To learn more about photographer John S. Fritz, click on the category “Photographer: Fritz (JS)”.

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