TWOLADIESTwo beautifully dressed women pose for a photographer in Dresden, Germany. The shorter woman clings securely to the taller women. Both are wearing leather gloves. It appears that the photographer of this image is the Thiele studio though it is unclear why the name “Otto Mayer” is also listed. Perhaps a knowledgeable visitor to the cabinet card gallery can offer clarification. Printing on the reverse of this photograph also indicates that it was taken in 1882. Photographer Hugo Thiele of Dresden is cited in the British Journal of Photography (1876). He was commended for producing a wonderful portrait of a child that had been published by a German publication.  Both of the women in this image are identified on the reverse of the photograph. The subjects names are “Nellie Leavet” (from New York) and “Gretchen Von Littichau” (from Dresden). Perhaps Miss Leavet was a friend or relative visiting Miss Von Littichau in Dresden and they commissioned this photograph to commemorate the occasion.