A young boy wearing a white dress naval  uniform poses for a photographer in Brooklyn, New York. The photograph was produced by the Huttenlocher Studio. Note the lads interesting cap. One wonders whether the cap is part of a regulation uniform of a particular nation’s navy. The cap has an insignia on its brim. The meaning of the insignia is unknown. The photographer, Frederick Huttenlocher was mentioned in an article in the Telephone Review (1915) published by the New York Telephone Company. Mr Huttenlocher was presented as kind and as heroic.  A company called the Patchogue Commercial Office, located in Brooklyn, New York, had a fire, causing the office to shut down. The company was across the street from Huttenlocher’s studio and due to Huttenlocher’s kindness, the Patchogue Commercial Office was able to open a temporary headquarters inside of the studio within thirty minutes after experiencing the fire.

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