This cabinet card features a soldier posing in uniform at the studio of  Edward E. Coatsworth (1841- ?) in Syracuse, New York. The soldier is from the era of the Spanish American War. It is my hope that the vast unpaid research department of the Cabinet Card Gallery will be able to provide more exact information about the time period of this photograph as well as specific information about his unit. Based on his badges,  it is my guess that he served in the infantry and that he was in the 203rd regiment and company K. The 203rd Infantry Regiment of the New York Volunteers was a Spanish American War unit. It served its term of service within the continental United States. Company K was formed from the 16th Separate Company of Catskill, New York The crossed rifle insignia was the cap badge of the U.S. Army Infantry. In 1898, the badge was moved to the collar of the military uniform. Underneath the crossed rifles badge on his hat is another badge and hopefully someone can identify it and leave a comment with an explanation. It is interesting to note the polka dot handkerchief the infantryman is wearing around his neck. Coatsworth was once partners with Frank G. Smith in operating a photographic studio in Syracuse (1889-1894).



cw vetThis Cabinet card is a terrific image of a union army Civil War Veteran. He is wearing three medals. One medal identifies him as J. W. Plummer, a member of company G in the 29th Indiana Infantry Regiment. The second medal represents his membership in the Civil War Veterans Group, the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.). Further research reveals that Mr Plummer, is John W. Plummer and entered his unit as a private and left with the same rank. His regiment was organized in 1861 and fought at Shiloh, Corinth, Stones River, and the Battle of Chickamauga.  The unit suffered 304  dead during the course of the war. The photographer is Tussey of Schell City, Missouri.