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These vintage real photo postcards feature Lillian Greuze (1890-1950), a French model, and actress of the stage and screen. She was a protege of Sarah Bernhardt. She performed at New York’s French Theatre. Her debut in New York was in 1915. Greuze was one of many French performers recruited to perform at the French Theatre. When she performed there in “Mademoiselle Josette Ma Femme” (1915), one reviewer praised her playful acting quality, and cited her “gaminerie”. My vocabulary does not include the word “gaminerie” so I looked up it’s meaning. According to Wikipedia, “gaminerie” is defined as “a slim, elegant young woman who is, or is perceived to, mischievous, teasing or sexually appealing”. Greuze also had a film career. She appeared in “The Recoil” (1917). The IMDb reports that she appeared in nine films between 1910 and 1935. Most of her roles were in European films. Greuze was an active philanthropist. While on a cruise in 1915, she agreed to kiss a man who had offered to donate two hundred dollars to a charity for orphans she was soliciting for. During World War I, Greuze was a volunteer with the Red Cross at the French front (1917). During the war, she also worked as a nurse at a hospital in Neuilly, France.                                                                                                         –

–The photographer of this portrait of Miss Greuze, seen in Postcard 1, is celebrated theatrical photographer, Leopold Reutlinger of Paris. The card was published by Societe Industrielle de Photograpie (SIP) of Rueil, France, as part of a series (no 2080).   (SOLD)

–Postcard 2 features a photograph of Miss Greuze from the same series as Postcard 1. This image is more revealing and risque because of Greuze’s low cut gown. The photograph, like Postcard 1, was shot by Leopold Reutlinger and published by SIP. The two postcards share the same number in a series (no 2080). This postcard has two 1912 french postmarks.   (SOLD)

–Postcard 3 finds Lillian Greuze playing Diablo. She is beautifully dressed in a pink checkered dress and a hat covered with pink flowers. It is difficult to imagine her playing the game in her fancy clothes. In the top left hand corner of this postcard is the word “Gymnase”. This word probably refers to  Théâtre du Gymnase Marie-Bell in Paris, formerly Gymnase-Dramatique. The Gymnase is a historic theatre. This postcard was published by Reutlinger of Paris and is part of a series (no.2275). The postmark indicates that the card was mailed in 1908. The postcard has a French stamp on it’s front side. This lovely postcard is in very good condition (see scans). Below,  is an interesting YouTube  video for those unfamiliar with “Diabalo”.

The portrait seen on Postcard 4 was taken by celebrated theatrical photographer, Leopold Reutlinger of Paris. The card was published by Societe Industrielle de Photograpie (SIP) of Rueil, France, as part of a series (no 2080). This postcard was postmarked in 1909.  (SOLD)

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This vintage real photo postcard features French theatre actress Gabrielle Rejane standing on the sideboard of her chauffeur driven limousine. A little boy (most likely her son) peaks over her shoulder at the camera. The car in this photograph is beautiful, as was Rejane. A cabinet card image of the actress can be seen below. The photograph was taken by celebrated photographer Felix Nadar. Gabrielle Rejane was the stage name employed by Gabrielle-Charlotte Reju (1856-1920). She was born in Paris and had theatre in her blood as her father was an actor. She studied under Regnier at the Conservatoire and excelled in comedy. She made her debut in 1875 playing a number of “soubrette parts. Her first major success was in Meilhac’s “Ma Camarade (1883) and she quickly became known as a talented emotional actress. She played roles in “Decor”, “Ma Cousine”, and “Lysistrata”. In 1892 she married M. Paul Porel, the director of the Theatre du Vaudeville. The marriage lasted twelve years. In 1893 she appeared in Paris and soon thereafter she appeared in her most famous role as Catherine in Sardou’s “Madame Sans-Gene” in London and New York. In 1906 she opened the Theatre Rejane in Paris. She and Sarah Bernhardt served as the models for the character of the actress Berma in Marcel Proust’s novel “In Search of Lost Time”. Gabrielle Rejane’s acting is thought to represent what wikipedia describes as “the essence of French vivacity and animated expression”. Rejane appeared in a number of short films during the pioneering days of early cinema. Réjane died in Paris and is buried in the Cimetiere de Passy. Her obituary appeared in the New York Times (1920) and it was chock full of praise including; “She was the supreme comedienne of her time.” The image of Me. Rejane seen on this postcard was photographed by Paul Boyer (1861-1908) of Paris. He invented the use of magnesium for the flash in photography. He also was a very talented and award winning photographer. His studio was located at 35 Boulevard des Capucines in Paris. He produced many portraits of theater actors and actresses as well as other celebrities of his time. This postcard was published by Societe Industrielle de Photograpie (SIP) of Rueil, France and was part of a series (no. 2000).The postcard is addressed to Lyons, France and the writer of the message written on the card dated it 1908. This postcard is particularly special because it is a rare image of Gabrielle Rejane.


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A very pretty girl poses for the photographer at the studio of William Mills and Son in Providence, Rhode Island. This side-view pose is reminiscent of the typical pose assumed by famed actress,  Sarah Bernhardt.  The subject of this photograph has a very interesting and attractive profile making this particular posing position a good choice. There is no identifying information accompanying this Cabinet Card and it is not clear whether the subject is a teenager or adult woman. To view other photographs by the Mills Studio, click on the category “Photographer: Mills”.