Charlotte Thiele (1918-2004) was a German actress. She was quite pretty. Thiele was born in Berlin and attended acting school at the “Schauspielhaus Berlin”. Her acting debut occurred in 1938 in a film directed by Kurt Hoffmann, a well known German film director that directed 48 films between 1938 and 1971. In 1939, she appeared in “We Dance Around The World” and the feature film made her an instant star. During the 1930’s and 1940’s she was often cast in roles where she played the “cool blonde”. In 1941, she appeared in a controversial propaganda film. The movie was a controversial pro euthanasia vehicle. The plot was about a successful doctor who is compelled to make a “heart wrenching” decision when his pretty young wife is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This movie was aimed at making the public more supportive of Germany’s euthanasia program and was a portend of things to come.  She is also known for playing a Lady Astor, in the film, Titanic (1943). In 1944, Thiele appeared in her last movie. Her career was ruined by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels because she had rejected his advances. She went as far as throwing the dedicated engraved powder box he have her, into the trash. Thiele’s first marriage was to a prominent surgeon who was an assistant to a famous German surgeon.Her second husband was a Croatian diplomat. The couple emigrated to Argentina in 1944. She returned to Germany in 1954 and failed in her attempt to resume acting. However, in 1956, she appeared in an episode of the American television series “Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents/ Rheingold Theater”. The IMDb reports that Thiele appeared in 7 films. She died in Berlin in 2004. This vintage real photo postcard was published by Film-Foto-Verlag and was part of a series (no. A3823/1). The photographer was Hammerer for Wien-Film. It was published in 1943. The postcard features Miss Thiele in her role in the Wien-Film “Am Vorabend”.  This vintage photo postcard is in excellent condition (see scans)

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