This Cabinet Card is a great image of a member of a fraternal organization. The image has great clarity and the image of the sash is very detailed. The previous owner of this photograph reports that the subject of this photograph was a member of the Loyal Orange Lodge. The Orange Institution (Orange Order) is a Protestant fraternal organization based mainly in Scotland and Ireland. There are also some lodges in the Commonwealth and in the United States. The Orange Lodge organization was founded in 1796 in Ireland. The organization has had strong ties to unionism. The name of the group is derived from King William of Orange. An article appears in an  1874 edition of the New York Times that reports that the State Grand Orange Lodge Meeting was being held in Troy, New York which is the location that this photograph was taken by Lloyd’s studio. James H. Lloyd’s photographs can be found in National Magazine (1906) in a story about photographing architecture. In addition, the Photographic Journal of America (1891) announces that Lloyd was awarded a certificate of merit by the US State Department for a photograph of the Troy Polytechnic Institute. The photograph had been exhibited at the Paris Expositon.