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This cabinet card portrait features the cutest little girl in Chicago, Illinois. She was photographed by the Siegel Cooper gallery which was located in one of Chicago’s major department stores, not coincidentally named Siegel Cooper. The young girl in this photograph is beautifully dressed from head to toe. Her bonnet is strategically placed to show her lovely curls and her pretty and expressive face. She holds a small bouquet of flowers and appears a bit intimidated by the milieu of the photography studio. Note the reverse of this photograph seen below because this is your opportunity to see a ghost. Well maybe not a ghost but a ghost image for sure. I am guessing that the image formed by being pressed tightly against the front of another cabinet card creating the ghost like image. However, photography historians have written that some photographers purposely created ghost images for their clients. Why? Sometimes they were asked to, and sometimes they had their own nefarious reasons. The Cabinet Card Gallery has a number of photographs by this gallery. To learn more about the photographer and to view more of the gallery’s photographs, click on the category “Photographer Siegel Cooper Company”.   SOLD

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