This fantastic cabinet card photograph is truly unusual. An oval photo of a handsome young uniformed sailor is in the center of the image. Below his portrait is a photograph of two navy battleships. The name of the sailors ship is embroidered into his cap. The sailor was on the French navy torpedo destroyer, the Cognee. The ship was one of 13 Claymore-class destroyers built around 1905. The photographer of this image is Alphonse Leenaerts and his studio was located in Toulon, France. Toulon is a port city on southern France’s Mediterranean coast. The city serves as a major naval base. Alphonse’s brother Henri, was also a photographer. The pair, who were Belgian, operated in Toulon between 1871 and 1914. They worked independently. Alphonse moved to the address listed on this photograph in about 1903. The reverse of this photo has advertising indicating that Alphonse won a medal for his work in 1909. This photo was taken shortly after that date.  This cabinet card photograph is in very good condition (see scans).

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This vintage photo postcard is simply exquisite. Three pretty women, wearing Japanese kimonos, pose for their portrait at the photographic studio of E. Meunier, in Toulon, France. At the turn of the century, kimonos and textiles from Japan captured the interest of fashionistas in Europe and the United States. Women began wearing kimonos as indoor fashion and some women used kimono fabrics to make western dresses. Over time, Japanese kimono fashion became absorbed into Paris Haute Couture. Occasionally, I encounter cdv’s or cabinet cards featuring women wearing kimonos. These early photographs reveal that kimono popularity in the western world was evident as early as the 1880’s. I have seen other real photo postcards with portraits of western women wearing Japanese fashion. However, this image is very special. The women are clutching Japanese fans and one of the ladies is holding a Japanese umbrella (wagasa).    SOLD



This cabinet card portrait features a handsome French soldier in uniform.  He appears to be an officer judging by the braids on his shoulder but I am uncertain of his rank. The photographer of this image is Eugene de Paris. Interestingly, Eugene was not actually located in Paris but instead operated his studio in Toulon, a city in southern France. Advertising on the reverse of the cabinet card indicates that Eugene de Paris won photography medals at the Exposition of 1873. This exposition was likely the World Exposition which was held in Vienna in 1873.  SOLD

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