This cabinet card was photographed by George Rockwood (1882-1911) whose studio was located at 17 Union Square West in New York City. The reverse of the card identifies the subject of this portrait as Maud Hanson. It is believed that Hanson was an actress or opera star but this information has not been verified and perhaps a visitor to this site can leave a  comment providing identification help. Over the years, the cabinet card gallery has appreciated the assistance of its vast unpaid research department, staffed entirely by visitors to the site.  The corseted Ms Hanson is attractive and wearing a hat, a flower in her hair and a cross. She is also wearing what appears to be wrist bands. The purpose of these bands beyond fashion, is unknown. This cabinet card’s photographer, George Rockwood was born in Troy, New York. He graduated from college with a PhD; reportedly either from the University of Chicago, or Columbia University. At 21 years of age, he was a newspaper reporter for the Troy Daily Times and at age 23, he was managing editor of the Troy Daily Post. He began working as a photographer in St. Louis and in 1857 opened a studio with his brother Elihu in New York City. He is credited for bringing CDV’s to America. His obituary in the Washington Post reports that Rockwood photographed more than 350,00 people.