Ella Russell (1868-1956) is the subject of this vintage real photo postcard. Although she is virtually unknown to most people, she played an important role Women’s Rights. She was a suffragette, businessperson, and politician. She was the president of the Everett (Washington) Suffrage Club. She spoke about the issue of women’s right to vote, to a crowd of 6,500 people at a Billy Sunday Crusade event. She advocated for the women’s rights throughout the state of Washington. In 1914, Russell was the Democratic candidate in a race for the Washington House of Representatives. In 1922 she ran for the Washington House of Representatives as a Republican. She lost the election. In 1924 she won the nomination to run as a Republican for the state senate. However she was defeated in the election by another Republican candidate who won the position unethically. Washington was the fifth state in the nation to give women the right to vote. Russell was born in Illinois. She became a school teacher there and worked for five years. This was followed by a two year stint teaching in Washington. She married a wood shingle miller, had five children, and helped her husband with his business. Upon her husbands death, she took over the business. This photo postcard was published by Frederick Hartmann. His postcard publishing company was headquartered in London. He was active in the UK between 1902 and 1909. It is thought that he produced the first divided back card in the world. His postcards were printed in Saxony (Germany) because of the country’s advanced printing industry. He produced view cards from all over England and imported glamour cards from the European continent. He was the English distributor for Trenkler & Company postcards. In 1907, Hartmann partnered with Christian Linck. The business went bankrupt that same year (1907).  (SOLD)