Dapper Black Gentleman in Watertown, Wisconsin


This Cabinet card is a photograph of a dapper young Black man posing in  Donner Brothers Studio in Watertown, Wisconsin. Watertown is located in southeastern Wisconsin and was settled in 1836. Around the time of this photograph, there was an influx of German immigrants into the town. These immigrants  started the first kindergarten in the United States soon after their arrival in Watertown.


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  1. This photo is very likely that of Sammy Dickenson/DIckerson, who married a German woman (Louisa Schulz) on January 1, 1885 in Watertown, WI. Is there any way to discover who contributed this card, and if there was anything on the back?

    • I own all of the photographs that are featured in the Cabinet Card Gallery. Some have been sold since their posting. There were no notes on the reverse of this photograph. It would be interesting to know more about Mr Dickerson and how you matched him to this image.

      • Thanks so much for your quick reply. I’m doing a genealogy project for a friend. I contacted a genealogist at Dodge-Jefferson County Genealogical Society. I told her I was researching the birth of a George Dickerson who was born in Fort Atkinson WI in Sept of 1885. She remembered seeing a photo of a black man with whom she associated the name Dickerson. She found the photo in her digital files but couldn’t find an attribution. There weren’t a whole lot of Black people in the area in those years, so of course the ID is a guess. Do you remember where you got the cabinet card?

      • Thanks for the explanation. I don’t recall where i obtained the photograph. These are the times i wish i kept notes about such things.

  2. Interesting enough I am a descendant of George “buster” Dickerson. I reverse searched this image that I was told by my uncle was a picture of my great great great grandfather. Very weird I would also like to know how the correlation between this man in the picture & my great grandfather. I assume the person in the previous comments is the friend of my uncles who is researching this for him. Email me anytime I’m interested about the process & how it’s coming along Dickersonikiah@gmail.com

    • Ikiah – I responded directly to the email address in your post.

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