This is another Cabinet Card which presents some mystery. Emil Scholl is the Philadelphia photographer who took this image but who is this interesting looking gentleman. On the reverse of the card is the scribbled name of what looks to be “Charles Thomas” or “Charles Thome”. Both names are names belonging to actors of this period.  The Cabinet Card Gallery includes images of actors photographed by Scholl . Even if the subject of this photograph is not an actor, the image has great clarity and presents an imposing man with much character. Note the handlebar mustache.

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  1. What a fine portrait! Have you checked Charles R. Thorne? … a reportedly fine actor who died fairly young … played Corsican Bros for one thing. I love this kind of photography … was doing 3D for many years but macro eye problems literally ended that, so finally sorting out Cabinet Cards gathered along the way and appreciate your Gallery.

    • Thanks for the fine identification. I believe you are probably correct about the subject being Charles R. Thorne. I found another cabinet card online which is identical to the one above. The subject is listed as “Charles R. Thorn”. The “e” is missing but it appears you have solved the mystery.

  2. Grover Cleveland??

    • oh wait, you guys solved it. Never mind!!

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