The Boys in the Band gather for this cabinet card photograph by photographer John Strunk, in Reading, Pennsylvania. The uniformed brass band consists of four member. A consultation from the Cabinet Card Gallery’s unpaid research department would be helpful, but for the time being, I will identify the bandsmen’s instruments as being a clarinet, trumpet, french horn and a flute. To view other photographs by Strunk, click on the category of “Photographer: Strunk”.


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  1. I’d say that the leftmost instrument is almost definitely a clarinet. Initially I also was sure about the trumpet, but on second thoughts it may be a cornet. The third instrument is definitely not a french horn—I would say it is a euphonium (or possibly a small-sized tuba; I’m not really familiar with them.) The rightmost instrument is too small to be a flute (of the modern concert variety, anyway) and more resembles a piccolo.

    With a piccolo and a clarinet, though, I’m not sure they could be considered a “brass” band, as those are both woodwind instruments.

    Just stumbled across this post and thought I’d offer my two cents. 🙂

    • Thanks for the information about the musical instruments. I guess you are right that it is not legitimate to refer to this cabinet card as a portrait of a brass band. Perhaps I should call it a “half brass band”.

  2. I agree the third instrument is not a French Horn. To me it looks more like a Tenor Horn or a Baritone. Both are similiar in looks to a Euphonium, which is the smallest instrument in the Tuba family, but are smaller again.

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