This cabinet card features a uniformed bugle boy, posed holding his instrument, and wearing a satchel bag strapped over his shoulder. The boy’s cap has a badge indicating that he was in company B of the “ALC”. “ALC” likely stands for Albert Lea C……”. Perhaps a visitor to the Cabinet Card Gallery can leave a comment identifying the “C” word. The bugle boy, judging by his uniform, was a member of a band. Albert Lea is the name of the Minnesota town where the photographic studio that produced this cabinet card was located. Albert Lea is ninety miles south of Minneapolis, Minnesota; and was named after a topographer with the US Dragoons who surveyed the area in 1835. The photographer of this cabinet card was Joseph A. Fuller (1851-?). Fuller was born in Walworth County, Wisconsin. He worked as a photographer in Decorah, Iowa and Chatfield, Minnesota; before moving to Albert Lea in 1873. At the time of this photograph, Fuller’s studio was on the corner of Williams and Broadway Streets, “over Brown & Cos Bank”. His later studios in Albert Lea included 202 South Broadway (1914-1922) and 204 South Broadway (1924). He worked in Minnesota from the 1870’s through part of the 1920’s.


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  1. Excellent find!

  2. The C stands for either “Cornet” or “Citizens” or “Concert”. I’d guess Cornet which was most popular for an all brass band. The B is for “Band”. The boy’s satchel is for his sheet music and is an uncommon acessory to see in a photo.

  3. The boy holds a trumpet or cornet, as a bugle has no valves, and no music sheets are needed for a bugle. The uniform is for marching band and Albert Lea calls it’s schools the “Area Learning Center”. Traditionally the B is for Band – similar to “letters” for sports participation.

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