A soldier and his bride pose for their wedding portrait at the studio of Balde, located in either Salzburg, Wildbad, Gastein, Znaim or Retz. These cities are located in different countries; Austria, Germany and Czech Republic. The studio was formerly known as Wagner & Leeb. The soldier in this photograph has been identified as German by the former owner of the image, but the accuracy of this identification is uncertain. The bride is holding flowers and dressed in a bridal dress. The groom is in his dress uniform. Note that his helmet is on the table beside him. The cabinet card gallery must depend on its helpful and informed unpaid research department (composed of visitors to the site) to identify the groom’s army affiliation and rank.

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  1. According to Tony on kaisersbunker.com it is an Austrian uniform.

  2. I would say he is an Austrian gendarme (member of the kaiserlich-königliche Gendarmerie).

  3. Refering to the coat of arms on the helmet it is an Austrian-Hungarian uniform. Wildbadgastein is Austria as well as Salzburg and Retz, Znaim is Czech Republic. The missing of a regimental number on the helmet – could be Gendarmerie, but I would say Bohemian as I don’t know angles on Austrian uniforms.

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