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These vintage real photo postcards feature beautiful stage actress Marie Studholme (1872-1930). The English actress and singer was known for her supporting and starring roles in Victorian and Edwardian musical comedies. Her theater career spanned from 1891 through 1915. Her roles included appearances in “An Artists Model” (1895), “The Messenger” (1900), and “Lady Madcap” (1906). Marie Studholme’s beauty made her one of the most popular postcard models of her time.

Postcard 1 is a wonderful portrait of Miss Studholme in costume for the stage production of “Miss Hook of Holland). The play was an English musical comedy. It opened at the the Prince of Wales Theatre in 1907 and ran for 462 performances. It originally starred Isabel Jay and Harry Grattan. The play also ran on Broadway. Studholme starred in the title role in “Miss Hook of Holland” on a long provincial tour from 1907 to 1910. This vintage photo postcard was published by Rotary Photo (no. 4890 A) and the photo was taken by the Foulsham and Banfield studio. This postcard has an interesting message. Rather than signing the card, the writer left his identity a secret by signing it with one word, “Guess?”. The postcard is postmarked “1908”. The card is in excellent condition (see scans).

Postcard 2 is part of the Rotary Photographic Series (no. 4188 A) and was printed in England. Miss Studholme’s portrait was photographed by the celebrated Foulsham & Banfield studio. Although photo postcard portraits of Miss Studholme are common , this particular photograph is uncommon.  (SOLD)

Postcard 3 is also part of the Rotary Photographic Series (no. 348 K). This photograph highlights the beauty of Miss Studholme. The postcard is also aimed to be erotic judging by the generous view of the actress’s cleavage. The photography studio that produced this image is W & D Downey of London, England. This studio was well known and highly respected in England. They advertised themselves as photographers specially appointed to photograph the imperial and royal families of Europe and they photographed many other celebrities. Although Studholme posed for many postcard portraits, this particular photo postcard is uncommon. The postcard is in excellent condition (see scans).

Postcard 4 is a member of the Rotary Photographic series (No. 24 L), just like Postcard 1 and Postcard 2. In this portrait, Miss Studholme flashes a beautiful smile. The low cut dress that she is wearing is a bit risque for the era. It appears that she was not adverse to the idea of suggestive poses. The photographer who took this portrait photo of Marie Studholme is a well known female photographer named Lizzie Caswall Smith. Smith (1870-1958) was a British photographer who operated in the early 1900’s. She specialized in photographing members of society and celebrities. Many of her photographs were used for postcards. She was involved in the Women’s Suffrage movement and photographed many of the leading suffragettes. She also photographed many actors including Billie Burke and Maude Fealy. She operated the Gainsborough Studio from 1907 through 1920 (309 Oxford Street) and moved to a new location (90 Great Russell Street) where she remained until she retired in 1930 at the age of 60 years-old. Her most famous photograph is a portrait of Florence Nightingale taken in 1910. It was auctioned in 1908 and sold for 5500 pounds which is an equivalent today of nearly 8,000 dollars. The National Portrait Gallery has 84 portraits associated with Lizzie Caswall Smith.  The postmark stamped on this postcard indicates that it was mailed in 1907. The message on the card is written to a 13 year-old girl. The writer of the card apologizes for not sending a letter sooner and explains “but I’m so busy”.  It is interesting to note that “excuses” have not changed much over the last hundred years.   SOLD

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  1. I just viewed the short ad on your site below Miss Studholme, and it featured “The Most Beautiful Women in the World” (currently – 2015). Of course the feature pic was a female in a tiny imitation of a bikini, and she wore the usual gaping “hot” facial expression. What a contrast! – Thank you, as usual, Cabinet Card, for relieving our eyes and presenting us with an image from a time when true beauty of expression, poise and intelligence is reflected in the charming renditions of a better – much, much better, time.

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