Someone described the children in this photograph as enchanting; and I agree wholeheartedly. The kids in the photograph are all dressed in wonderful costumes. Perhaps they are dressed this way because they are going to a costume party. It is also possible that they are attired in costumes provided to them by the photographer for purposes of producing an interesting portrait. The children are dressed in occupational fashion. Focusing on the boys from left to right, we see a jester, a fishmonger, a courtier,and a bread seller. It is unclear to me what occupation the little girl is representing. The  photographer of this image has the last name of  “Veritas”. His studio was located in Ruma, Serbia.

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  1. The head on the boy on the right seems to have been edited. It looks like the head was pasted on.

  2. I have looked at it and zoomed in. It was clearly edited by the photographer.

    • I didn’t notice any evidence of editing until you pointed it out. I have seen a number of cabinet cards (valuable and worthless ones) that had the same look. The appearance that someone pasted a face on a body. My guess is that any editing that took place in these photographs occurred in the studio of the original photographer. Some of the editing is barely noticeable while other photographs are ruined by hideous editing. I hope a cabinet card gallery visitor can shed some historical light on the issue of editing faces on cabinet card images.

      • It seemed clear to me when I zoomed in.

        There can’t be no other explanation.

        Maybe the children moved a lot, giggled… So the photographer had enough and edited his best picture…

        Who knows?

        Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your blog.


  3. I think the little girl is representing a “Cherry Maiden” – I have seen a photograph with a slightly older girl dressed/costumed similarly (dated with 1905 and taken in Belgrade)

    Keep up the great work,

  4. They seem to look like gypsy or rrom children.

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