This cabinet card photograph features a young girl posed to look like a cherub. This angelic child has wings and a whimsical expression. The photographer is Charles Reutlinger who operated a studio in Paris, France. Reutlinger was quite renowned, especially for the many wonderful portraits he produced featuring beautiful European actresses and dancers. To view other photographs by Reutlinger, click on the category “Photographer: Reutlinger”.  I can not identify the “T” shaped band-aid looking object on the child’s right shoulder. Hopefully, a cabinet card gallery visitor will leave a comment explaining the mystery object.

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  1. I think that what you call a t-shaped band-aid is just her hair.

  2. What a wonderfully romanticized image. She has such an eerily adult face. I agree with Carolyn’s comment, I think the pattern on her shoulder is just her hair. I’m intrigued by the wings. Is she wearing them, or are they painted onto the backdrop?

  3. I also believe Carolyn is correct about identifying the “mysterious lying object” on the child’s shoulder as being hair. I also believe that the wings are actually painted on the backdrop and the little girl was strategically posed in a position to appear as if she had wings.

  4. For a moment I thought it was an awful scar, but looking at it again, I agree that it’s just hair.

  5. Like one of the Rafael´s Sistine Madonna angels.

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