The gentleman featured  in this cabinet card portrait looks like someone famous. The photographer of this image is Napoleon Sarony who photographed many celebrities living in or visiting New York City. However, Sarony also photographed many non celebrities so there is no guarentee that the subject of this photograph is someone famous. He certainly does have great facial hair.  The reverese of this image is dated 1872. Printing on the reverse indicates that Sarony’s studio was located at 680 Broadway in New York City. The  printing lists two names associated with the studio; Napoleon Sarony and Alfred S. Campbell. To view other photographs by Sarony, click on the category “Photographer: Sarony”. To view photographs by Campbell, click on the category “Photographer: A. S. Campbell”.

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  1. His earlobe looks mangled a bit. Maybe a retired pugilist?

  2. If it’s who I think it is, the other ear is shaped the same, with a similar dent in the lobe. This could well be Brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley (1816-1885), inventor of the Sibley tent and Sibley stove, and leader of the ill-fated New Mexico expedition for the Confederacy in 1862. This Sarony card is dated 1872; there are also pictures of him taken perhaps ten years later, in which he poses in his CSA general’s uniform. Both photos are at this site:

    N.B. There were two General H. H. Sibleys in the Civil War, one for each side. They were apparently distant cousins, from early Massachusetts stock. This can be slightly confusing for researchers. The other one, Henry Hastings Sibley, is a little more famous because he became the first governor of Minnesota.

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