ENGLISHINDIA_0003S. Boesinger photographed this young family and their Indian servant at a studio in Tamil Nadu, India. To the right of Boesinger’s name on the bottom of the photograph is the name “Wellington”. Boesinger may have had a partner named Wellington, or perhaps had another studio in Wellington, England. The gentleman in this image appears to be a member of the British military. Note the servants jewelry. She is wearing a necklace, earrings and wide bracelets. She is also wearing nose ring. She was clearly a pioneer in nose jewelry, a practice which has made a comeback in present day times.

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  1. Thanks for Sharing ….good writing

  2. The nose ring has been part of Indian culture long before this woman existed–and the practice has been found around the world. It seems that the practice came to India somewhere in the 16th century from the Middle East. Hindi women, traditionally when they reach the “marriageable age” of 16, get their left nostril pierced to honor the god of marriage. In Ayurvedic medicine this also corresponded with reproductive organs, and it’s thought having a nose pierced there makes childbirth easier.

    What stands out to me most in this image is the powerful positions of power. White military man standing in his uniform (dominating his wife, and an entire country). Wife in a chair fulfilling her traditional role of wife and mother. Person of color sitting on the floor there to serve the colonizers.

  3. The photographer was located in Wellington, Tamil Nadu, India which is in the far southern part of India. Comments on another blog indicate he was a immigrant from Germany.

    • Any chance you could tell us where this other blog is?

  4. Could you tell us where you got the photograph from? Is it in a private collection or a museum archive?

    • This photograph, like all other images seen in the cabinet card gallery are part of my private collection. I have recently begun selling some of the photographs in order to fund the purchase of additional images to enter into the Cabinet Card Gallery. I do not have a record of where I purchased this particular image.

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