fan girl

This carefully posed vintage real photo postcard begs the viewer to hypothesize about what’s happening in this photograph. A pretty young woman displaying a far-away look holds an open fan in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other. Her dress and appearance could be described as risque. The top part of her dress is sheer and beaded in places. She has a beautiful hat and wearing a fancy hair ornament. The woman is well dressed and stylish. What is this lovely lady thinking about? Any guesses? The preprinted message on the bottom of the postcard, “prosit neujahr” is German for “Happy New Year”. This postcard was published by Neue Photographische Gesellschaft (NPG) in Berlin, Germany. The postcard was part of a series and was mass produced for sale. It was likely published in the 1910’s.

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  1. It might be the champagne…?

    • she looks about 12 years of age with that porcelain skin and the underlying plumpness in her young arms

  2. such a lovely photo…love everything about it….the clothes, hat, accessories….the champagne glass!!!..if I lived during that era I would have hoped to have looked and dressed like that….
    I would say she is thinking something bittersweet…..

  3. A second comment r/t Jean’s: Yep, I wish everyone, male and female, would dress like that. ( and men ONLY in suits, not dresses!) – What a time. – I live on a beautiful island where every man and woman wears shorts and a t-shirt and flip-flops. That’s what they sleep in too. . No class, no beautiful clothes…no beautiful people. – These kinds of things reflect the way a culture “thinks”. Manner of dress reflects manner of thoughts and actions.

    One of the big reasons Cabinet Cards is popular: we get to see a world that in no way resembles the world we live in today.

    • I agree on how people dress today…..no one takes the time or effort to try and look good…..I personally do try to take time….today Im wearing a DRESS!!!…which I prefer over any other type of clothes….and matching sandals….heck even my underwears match…..my toenails and fingernails are always manicured and I never go out unless Im wearing a bit of makeup…it doesnt take a lot of time…just a bit more effort?..but Im use to it. I was a child of the hippie era…grew up in the 60s and 70s. it all seemed to change from then on…

  4. OMG, what I have to do for money! He has every drape in his case pinned on me, nothing matches. But he says he knows a producer.
    So I will put on a suitable face, and maybe 100 years from now they will be talking about me.

  5. She has her initials in her hair! That’s a nice piece of custom jewelry!

  6. Wow!. She could pass for Hedy Lamarr’s mother. But that would have been in Vienna at that time, I believe. Probably dates before WW1 put a crimp on things. I LIKE it … but hope that’s water in the glass. Fashion aside, this photo (intended for a postcard) was taken well before New Years’Eve … I hope she received adequate compensation for such a fine modeling performance, but doubt it. Depending on location, in those days, one could post the card in the morning for delivery in the same day … timely, wishing a New Year as promising as the picture. Yes, people dress atrocious now and don’t give a hoot .. but I don’t miss the bustle, corset, or wool suits in the summer. Great picture.

  7. Those wonderful hats framed the faces of the plainest of women, and lent them charm and personality. – And yes, there is very much a Hedy Lamaar quality to her features and look.

    What a conventional time we live in. Everyone looks alike. Tattoos, over-weight or anorexic; ironed hair or shaved heads, backwards base-ball hats. Jeans and shorts and shorts and jeans. Conversation has gone the way of the past. – Why not beauty?

    Thank you Cabinet Card for this exquisite image. She is a joy to behold.

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