russian funeral

This vintage photograph features the funeral of a Soviet partisan commander. The previous owner of this image states that the photograph was taken in 1943 although this date is unconfirmed. There are many things to note in this photograph. We see the deceased lying in an open coffin surrounded by many members of his community and family. Some of the men are holding rifles. The top of the coffin is in the foreground of the image and laying on it are two crossed rifles, a garland of flowers, and the late officers military cap. A large portrait of the deceased can also be seen in the foreground. This image certainly gives the viewer a real glimpse into Russian history. The image measures 5 3/4 ” x 7″ and is not on card stock. ADDENDUM: The cabinet card gallery is fortunate to have informed visitors who generously leave comments and information about many of this  site’s photographs. Two such visitors have informed me (see comments) that the identity of the man in the large photograph in front of the coffin is not the deceased. Actually, the portrait is of Vladimir Lenin.

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  1. I have the feeling that the photo in the foreground is not of the deceased but of a guy called Vladimir Ilitch Oulianov, AKA Lenin, a famous Soviet leader.

    • Thank you for identifying the identity of the man in the portrait. The cabinet card gallery’s visitors consistently provide relevant, informed and interesting comments. A portrait of Lenin probably provides further information about who might be attending the pictured funeral. What do you think is the story behind what is happening in this photograph?

      • You will find the “original” portrait of Lenin with this link:

        I might be wrong but I think the photo has been cropped a bit too much on the top right corner and we’re missing part of the banner. Maybe only few millimeters could help to read more of it. If you do that, I could try to get the banner translated.

      • Thanks for the link to the original photograph of Lenin. In regard to the banner, the photograph that I have posted includes the entire picture. Perhaps the photographer did not include the whole banner when he took the photograph.

  2. interesting picture. but the on large portrait in the foreground is Lenin.

    • I appreciate your comment about the large portrait. Being that there is a portrait of Lenin at this funeral, what do you think is the story behind this interesting photograph?

      • communism was a kind of religion in the Sovietunion, so it needed icons. this picture is used at the Russian revolutionist funeral for the same reason as their ancestors used painted icons of saints for the same occasions…

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  4. I really do not think the photo is from 1943, but probably much earlier, perhaps during the Civil War against the White Russians circa 1919-21. Lenin died in 1927; Josef Stalin took over after that. I doubt a WWII picture would have a picture of Lenin but rather Stalin. The whole picture seems not later than the mid-1920s to me.

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