This cabinet card portrait features a lovely couple photographed by the McLane studio in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The couple are attractively dressed and well groomed. The woman has a lovely figure that is assisted by a corset. She is standing next to a bouquet of flowers. The gentleman has a nice mustache which curls at it’s ends. Note his shined shoes. Perhaps this is the couple’s wedding portrait. The photographer, John G. McLane (1849-?) apparently moved around a lot. He can be found in directories working as a photographer in Bradford (at least 1885-1887), Titusville (at least 1893-1895) and Pittsburg (at least 1900-1902). All of these cities are in Pennsylvania. One of McLane’s photographs can be found in the book, “Victorian Fashion in America (2013). McLane was a civil war veteran. He fought for three years as a member of the 142nd Pennsylvania Infantry. He entered the unit as a drummer. The last years of his life were spent at a home for disabled veterans. He is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery (Oil City, Pennsylvania).


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