It appears that the two couples riding in this buggy are having a lot of fun judging by the preponderance of smiles in the photograph. Of course this buggy may in fact be standing still. The driver of the carriage is likely holding the reigns of non existent horses because there is a more than reasonable chance that the buggy is a prop located inside a photographers studio.  The photographer in question is N. E. McLeod who bills himself as a “Rustic & Wild West Photographer”. His location is advertised on the reverse of this vintage real photo postcard is Happy Hollow, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Take note of the women’s hats in this image. The woman in the back of the carriage has a wide brimmed hat and the woman in the front seat is wearing a plumed hat. Also note the lamp attached to the side of the buggy. The internet’s Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture informs us that Happy Hollow was another name for McLeod’s Amusement Park. This site was one of Hot Spring’s most popular tourist attractions from the late 1800 until the 1940’s. It’s location was at the head of Fountain Street, just off of Central Avenue and north of Hot Springs Mountain. Happy Hollow was owned and operated by photographer Norman McLeod from the time of its founding (1888) through 1908. McLeod was born on a farm in Georgia . At the age of 19 he moved to Live Oak, Florida where he learned the photography business. He then attended college in Athens, Georgia. He started Happy Hollow as a photography studio and gradually developed it into an amusement park complex which included a zoo. In 1908 he sold the property. The park became known for taking humorous photos of it’s guests. Props included an old bathtub, a burro, and painted scenery which included a jailhouse and a gigantic angry bear. McLeod and Happy Hollow were nationally known. This postcard has an AZO stamp box indicating it was produced sometime between 1904 and 1918.   SOLD
                                                                                                                                                                                    Norman McLeod

buggy 1

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  1. This is a remarkable entry. You have done all Cabinet Card Gallery viewers a remarkable favor presenting this photo and the information regarding Mr. McLeod. It is a subject to explore in depth – Happy Hollow – check Such period photos are obviously a “window to the past”, and also, in photos such as this you can kind of suspend yourself in the “present-ness” of the moment these people are experiencing. – For instance, the spontaneous reaction of the woman in the feathered hat. Again, a super presentation. Thanks.

  2. Good Blog. Very much fun.

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