pretty model

This vintage real photo postcard features a pretty young woman who knows how to dress. She is clearly a fashionista. However, it is unknown whether she is modeling in this photo portrait or is some sort of performer. She has a terrific smile. This postcard appears to be from the 1930’s. The postcard was published by “K Ltd” sometime between 1918 and 1936.

pretty model 2

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  1. Talk about ‘fair of face’. I am puzzled by the waistline of the outfit. Could the lady be expecting?

    • This “dropped waist” or boyish silhouette was prevalent in fashions of the 1920’s, from which era I’m fairly certain this photo belongs. Women rebelled against corsets and demanded comfort in apparel of every sort. These lounging pajamas, most likely made of silk, were wildly popular among the flapper set, and this cute young lady is a prime example of the iconic “flapper” with her bobbed hair and carefree stance.

  2. I’d been wondering about this stamp box for a while now, and looked into it today. You may already have this info, but if not, it seems Kltd was the mark of Kodak Ltd. on their photo paper products.

    From camerapedia…

    Kodak Ltd. London was the later name of the British branch of Eastman Kodak Co.. It was incorporated in 1889 as Eastman Photographic Materials Company, Limited, in London, England. In 1891 it opened a factory in Harrow near London. It made cameras as well as photo paper, photochemicals and other accessories.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your interesting and helpful research. You clearly have great curiosity and research skills.Thanks again.

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