This cabinet card image captures a wedding that appears to involve two couples. It is only a hypothesis but I believe the participants in this double wedding include two brides (seated), two grooms (seated), four members of the wedding party (standing). The men are all wearing top hats and tails. One of the seated grooms is wearing light colored pants with his dark jacket. All the men are wearing boutonnieres and smoking cigars. The brides are wearing white gowns and flowers in their hair. Interestingly, the two grooms are sitting very close to one of the brides while the second bride seems distant, almost an afterthought. It is notable that this wedding party portrait was taken outside. Although the location that this photograph was taken is unknown, the image was with a group of other photographs that were from England. Therefore, it is likely that this is an English cabinet card. This cabinet card was trimmed in order to fit into an album or frame.    SOLD

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  1. Maybe the second groom is not the man in the middle, but the man behind the bride on the right, holding the back of her chair.

  2. I think you may be right about who goes with who. However, this photo is posed in a way that makes it difficult to identify couples.

  3. I so enjoy getting your blog! Thanks and keep those cards and photos coming!

  4. “second bride seems distant, almost an afterthought” Nice observation! Reminds me of a British PBS TV show we’re watching, where the bride takes a second look at her wedding photo album and rips it apart because her groom is making eyes at someone else.

  5. Aside from her ‘What have I gotten myself into? … ’ expression, the ‘groom?’ standing behind her doesn’t seem thrilled either. In fact all of the ‘gents’ have the same detached expression … as well as something in their mouth I can’t quite recognize. And the ‘brides’ outfits seem to be a match. (Something is afoot here we are not quite on to, Watson.) I love these pictures which challenge our imagination … thanks so much for sharing.

    • Ah, so … I do believe the ‘gents’ are holding buds from the flowers in their mouths’ Strange … but it does explain how they all have the same expression.

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