This vintage real photo postcard features a father and his adorable daughter. The father is well dressed and holding a cigar. The daughter is dressed in a manner that she looks like a little lady. Note her tiny purse. Although dad is looking quite serious, the girl is flashing a half smile and affectionately has her hand on her father’s shoulder. This photo postcard has been slightly trimmed on it’s right side. The card is in good condition (see scans).  SOLD

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 This vintage real  photo postcard features five men in their hiking attire. They certainly don’t seem to be wearing very comfortable clothing for a hike. I hope there was no scrambling or navigating slippery portions of the trail required. If so, their suit pants won’t have a long life span. Other than wearing clothing that may hamper their efforts, the men are well equipped with binoculars and walking sticks. The men have cases for the binoculars and the gentleman all the way on the left has a larger bag slung over his shoulder. The men are also well supplied with smoking materials. Two of the men have cigarettes/cigars and two others are holding a pipe. Interestingly, mustaches must have been in vogue considering that each of the men are wearing one. Hats must have been equally popular.  It would be fascinating to know the story of this gathering of outdoorsmen. The former owner of this image believes that the men are tourists, but he offers no supporting evidence. This vintage photo postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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cigar chompers

cigar chompers 1 This tintype photograph features two cigar aficionados enjoying a smoke. Both men are well dressed. The seated many is “chomping down” on his cigar. Note his pocket watch chain. Tintypes were most popular in the 1860’s and 1870’s. This image measures about 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.   (SOLD)

cigar chompers 2

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This cabinet card image captures a wedding that appears to involve two couples. It is only a hypothesis but I believe the participants in this double wedding include two brides (seated), two grooms (seated), four members of the wedding party (standing). The men are all wearing top hats and tails. One of the seated grooms is wearing light colored pants with his dark jacket. All the men are wearing boutonnieres and smoking cigars. The brides are wearing white gowns and flowers in their hair. Interestingly, the two grooms are sitting very close to one of the brides while the second bride seems distant, almost an afterthought. It is notable that this wedding party portrait was taken outside. Although the location that this photograph was taken is unknown, the image was with a group of other photographs that were from England. Therefore, it is likely that this is an English cabinet card. This cabinet card was trimmed in order to fit into an album or frame.    SOLD

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KNOX 2_0008

This cabinet card has a lot to say. First, the photograph features an actress named Villa Knox. She appeared in productions in the United States, England, and probably a number of other places. She acted in at least two Broadway shows. She appeared in the musical comedy “Boccaccio” (1898) and in “Apollo, or, The Oracle of Delphi” (1891). Second, the photographer of this image is the well known celebrity photographer, Jacob Schloss. At the time that this photograph was taken, the Schloss studio was located at 467 and 469 Fifth Avenue, between 40th and 41st Streets in New York City.. To view more of his photographs click on the category “Photographer: Schloss”. A third aspect of this photograph is that it has the pencilled name “Daisy Blossom” on the front of the card. Thanks to a little luck in my research, I learned that “Daisy Blossom” is a character in a play called “London Day by Day” (1893) which was reviewed by The Sydney Mail. This portrait likely captures Miss Knox in costume for that roleThe fourth interesting fact about this image is the stamp appearing on the front of the card that states “Vignettes All Around For Segar Label”. It appears that this photograph was used as a vignette photograph for a cigar box label. The last feature I will mention concerning this image is that it has all the signs of once residing in someones photograph album. The cabinet card truly tells a number of stories and is in good condition.   SOLD


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CHICAGO DOG_0001A well dressed man wearing a derby hat poses with his dog at the Chicago photography studio of Wagner & Nickel. The gentleman looks quite content sitting beside his “best friend” and enjoying his cigar. His canine companion appears to be a young Golden Retriever. The subject has a thick beard without sideburns.


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This cabinet card features a portrait of the Shepard Family Concert Company. In this photograph, mother is playing the piano (or organ) and the five children and their father are playing violins. The photographer of this cabinet card is unknown, as is the location of the studio. A photograph of the Shepard family and their instruments appears in The Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont (located in Middlebury, Vermont). In addition, the museum possesses a “cigar ribbon quilt” serving as a piano cover. The quilt is made from silken advertising ribbons which cigar companies used to tie cigars together for packaging purposes. This particular quilt was made by Mary Emily Shepard (“Minnie”), the matriarch of the Shepard Family. The Shepard Family was Massachusetts based, and mostly toured upper New England. The musical group venues included the Town Hall Theatre, in Middlebury, Vermont. Family Musical Troupes were popular in the 1880’s and 1890’s.  Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Shepard  and their children, Kittie, Laura, Lessie, Georgie, and Burtin were regionally well known and appreciated in the late nineteenth century. Each family member were multi instrumentalists. The family could perform as a choral group, a brass band, or a violin ensemble with the mother playing the pump reed organ. In addition, sometimes, the children would perform as a banjo quintet.


This cabinet card features two well-dressed men posing for their portrait in a studio belonging to J. W. Ecker. The studio was located in Evansville, Indiana and at one time was called the Sunbeam Gallery. . The men in this photograph are wearing identical outfits. Note their striped pants, derby hats and canes. The man on the left is holding a cigar. They are posed in front of a nice backdrop depicting a forest.

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Six cowboys pose for their photograph at the studio of Mrs. R. I. Mills, in Oakley, Idaho. The men are dressed up for the occasion of their portrait. These guys are very interesting characters. The men on the ends of the back row are each smoking. The cigar of the cowboy on the right has a long section of ashes on his cigar. The man in the middle of the back row is wearing spectacles. Note the boots and the bandanas on the two men in the front row. Also note the pants of one of the cowboys sitting in the front row. The pants appear to have studs or snaps on them. Are these special pants for riding or for roping cattle? Perhaps a visitor to the cabinet card gallery site can offer additional information. Some of the men are identified on the reverse of the card. The men in this photograph are friends of James D. Glenn. Pictured on the card are James Glenn, Frank Taylor, Mr. Johnson, and three unidentified men.

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