Welcome to Twin Falls, Idaho. You are looking down Main Street and you have view of the business district of town. Twin Falls is located in a farming region of southern Idaho known as “Magic Valley”. This postcard is from the 1950’s. Note the advertising signs for the Dumont TV Network, two pharmacies, the Roxy, and an investment company. The postcard also features a number of cars from the 1950’s. The photograph was taken by Bob Williams and the postcard was published by Otto News Agency, located in Twin Falls. The printer, Colourpicture Publishers (Boston, Ma.) employed a “Plastichrome” process. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).


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big cab

This cabinet card portrait features a bride and groom posing for their wedding picture at the studio of T. N. Barnard of Wallace, Idaho. Both bride and groom are well dressed. The bride is wearing a veil that has two feathers sticking straight up into the air. She is also wearing gloves and a three stranded necklace of pearls or beads. The bride is pretty and appears quite young. The groom has a pocket watch and it’s chain can be seen underneath his jacket. This cabinet card is very large (approximately 9 3/4″ x 6 3/4″). Cabinet cards of this size are called “Paris Panels” and that term can be seen printed on the bottom of this photograph. This type of cabinet card was produced in the 1890’s. The photographer of this image was Thomas Nathan Barnard. Barnard and his wife arrived in Wallace in 1889. Nellie Stockbridge was a retoucher in his studio and she assumed ownership when Barnard became mayor of Wallace. Both Barnard and Stockbridge are known for their mining photographs. A book of their work “The Photographic Record of T. N. Barnard and Nellie Stockbridge from the Coeur d’Alenes was published in 1903. In addition, there is a large collection of Barnard and Stockbridge’s work at the University of Idaho library. The image seen below is the Barnard building, located in Wallace, and photographed in 1907.  (SOLD)


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A nicely dressed couple pose for their portrait at a photographic studio in Salmon City, Idaho. The photographer is John H. Duray. In addition to his Salmon City gallery, he operated studios in Challis and Bonanza, Idaho. The woman in the image is wearing a lovely hat and earrings. The gentleman has the top button of his jacket buttoned, which was the style of his era;  and is sporting a thick mustache. The two are separated by a fancy chair on wheels.

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Six cowboys pose for their photograph at the studio of Mrs. R. I. Mills, in Oakley, Idaho. The men are dressed up for the occasion of their portrait. These guys are very interesting characters. The men on the ends of the back row are each smoking. The cigar of the cowboy on the right has a long section of ashes on his cigar. The man in the middle of the back row is wearing spectacles. Note the boots and the bandanas on the two men in the front row. Also note the pants of one of the cowboys sitting in the front row. The pants appear to have studs or snaps on them. Are these special pants for riding or for roping cattle? Perhaps a visitor to the cabinet card gallery site can offer additional information. Some of the men are identified on the reverse of the card. The men in this photograph are friends of James D. Glenn. Pictured on the card are James Glenn, Frank Taylor, Mr. Johnson, and three unidentified men.

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