This cabinet card image captures a wedding that appears to involve two couples. It is only a hypothesis but I believe the participants in this double wedding include two brides (seated), two grooms (seated), four members of the wedding party (standing). The men are all wearing top hats and tails. One of the seated grooms is wearing light colored pants with his dark jacket. All the men are wearing boutonnieres and smoking cigars. The brides are wearing white gowns and flowers in their hair. Interestingly, the two grooms are sitting very close to one of the brides while the second bride seems distant, almost an afterthought. It is notable that this wedding party portrait was taken outside. Although the location that this photograph was taken is unknown, the image was with a group of other photographs that were from England. Therefore, it is likely that this is an English cabinet card. This cabinet card was trimmed in order to fit into an album or frame.    SOLD

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wedding party_0002This Cabinet Card is an image of a bride and groom and their wedding party. This photograph is a bit unusual because most wedding cabinet cards include the bride and groom without any other people at the wedding. The wedding appears to be quite fancy as corsages abound and everyone is formally dressed.  Note that the bride is wearing a dark wedding dress.  This photograph is from the studio of J. Lodgaard of Bloomer, Wisconsin. The town of Bloomer was named after a wealthy merchant named Bloomer.  In 1848 he had selected the area to build a mill and a dam. He didn’t stick around very long and sold his property during construction.  The town was settled in 1855.