This vintage photograph portrait captures a mother and her young daughter. The little girl stands on her mother’s lap and appears interested, but a bit dubious, about the process of being photographed. The reverse of the photograph has an inscription indicating that the subjects seen in this image are Cora and Jo (baby) Sinezey (?) and the photo was taken in 1903. This photograph originates from the studio of Benjamin Conklin in Huntington, New York. The town of Huntington is located on Long Island and the Conklin family are noted early settlers in the area. In 1902 Ben Conklin bought the photography business of Frederick H. Lockwood upon the proprietor’s retirement. Retirement didn’t stick and Lockwood opened up a new photo shop in 1903. Later, Conklin left the field of photography and joined the Bank of Huntington. This photograph measures 4 1/2″ x 6″.

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  1. I continue to love seeing this bits of history. I also, want to connect these people to family today.

    • The good news is that via google or other search engines, dozens of people have found relative’s portraits in the Cabinet Card Gallery. Others have found the work of their ancestors who were photographers. Other nice occurrences at the gallery include relatives meeting each other for the first time in the comment section of their ancestor’s photograph. Interestingly, there are web sites set up to do exactly what you suggested in your comment. These sites aim to connect people with their “lost relatives” from the past. The Cabinet Card Gallery has links to a number of these sites including “Find Your Family”, “Lost Gallery”, and “Rescued Family Photographs”. Thanks so much for your interest and comment.

  2. This is an amazing photograph! Do you have a lot of photographs from Huntington? really great theme of mother and daughter! I Haven’t checked out this site enough, love it. One of the strongest themes through out art history is mother and child. I wonder if they were related to the conklin house, I really miss going with my family to abel conklins! they really had the best steak/atmosphere!

    • I imagine that Ben Conklin was a member of the same Conklin family that played an important role in Huntington’s early history. I miss abel conklins steak house too. I agree with your observation about the mother/daughter theme. Such photographs are often packed with emotion.

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